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We are an event rental company, passionate about bringing life and beauty into your event. We bagged the name ‘life of the party’, not because of the nice sound, but because it’s our mission to be the life of every party we are involved with. We offer premium rental services to ensure you get your desired structure in giving your guests a memorable experience at your events.

At IOR, we are noted for quality (orderly and well kept-products), swift delivery, decent prices and amazing customer relations.

IOR Rentals has an outstanding and experienced team of professionals responsible for making sure our clients have a magnificent experience and a positive confidence for continuous patronage. We have enough strength of employees who perform incredibly well.

To us, Customer is King, hence our professional, customer friendly, outstanding and ethical customer relation services.

Our deliveries are topnotch and are carried out by the expertise of IOR logistics arm of the business, they ensure our clients get their items as promptly as possible.

To book items for your events, call or text to 08065293731 or message us on
Facebook: @iorrentals1
Instagram: @iorrentals1
Twitter: @iorrentals1
WhatsApp: 08065293731

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We give you value for every penny spent. We are affordable and we cater for all kinds of event. 



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